Don't do it by yourself. INfund Solutions provides a complete suite of services to support you and your retirement fund.

Member Communication

Clear member communication is a critical aspect emphasized throughout the retirement default regulations and we acknowledge the importance of regular communication, to facilitate the successful implementation of default products.

Adviser Training

We engage with the Retirement Fund’s appointed financial advisors to provide the necessary training on default annuity products.

Financial Advice

We can refer you to our panel of accredited independent financial advisors who can provide you with in-depth financial advice and investment solutions.

Counseller Training

We provide training for benefit counsellors on the employer’s service conditions, the Retirement Fund’s rules, the default preservation options and the Fund’s default annuity strategy.

Benefit Counselling

Counselling is provided to members on all aspects of their Retirement Fund by our trained benefit counsellors.

Consulting and Reporting

We assist the Board of Trustees with the best possible outcomes for members through the design, implementation and management of their default strategies. 

Strategy Implementation

We facilitate the implementation of the Fund’s default annuity strategy and engage with the relevant service providers throughout the implementation process.

Member Education

Education in the form of member booklets, newsletters and on-site presentations is provided to members, to inform and change their behaviour, to ensure the financial independent retirement of the member.

people can retire financially independent.
Need guidance with your retirement?

We protect members against the risk of eroding their retirement capital by providing low cost retirement products.

We leverage our expertise and experience in working with members and employers to achieve their goals.

We focus on continuous education and interaction to ensure a meaningful financial outcome for all members at retirement.